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ZET Collection

ZET collection – attention to detail and distinctive features

The ZET collection draws its inspiration from the letter Zeta and has a horizontal line that crosses the top and part of the cabinet. This is the unique feature that distinguishes the furnishings in the ZET collection from any other.

Solid and compact, with a design that stands out, the ZET collection is made of both glossy white combined with pereira maple and slate, giving rise to furniture with a strong and exclusive character.


Distinguishing features of the ZET collection

Zet Collection - Web Furniture
  • Its interior spaces are spacious and compact
  • The furnishings, such as shoe racks and coat stands, are suitable for halls
  • They can be combined with items from the CORO collection
  • Storing category
  • Finishes available:
    • glossy white and pereira maple
    • glossy white and slate
Zet Collection - Web Furniture

A unique collection in terms of capacity and compactness

The ZET collection is distinguished by a unique detail that immediately catches the eye: a horizontal Zed-shaped line that runs through every item of furniture. This element is emphasised by an optional finish in various colours to contrast with the furniture’s glossy white surface.

The Zed shape, as well as being eye-catching and bewitching, is obtained with a thickness of 25 mm, which gives the piece an important, solid and compact presence in the room, ensuring large and spacious interiors for perfectly organised storage. This distinctive design creates an attractive visual effect, lending the ZET collection a unique personality.

The collection consists of coat stands in order to create a consistent and coordinated style in the hall of every home.

The ZET collection successfully transforms spaces thanks to a sophisticated and contemporary interior décor. The horizontal Zed-shaped line becomes the visual centrepiece, and the glossy white finish of each piece of furniture lends brightness and modernity to the surroundings.

For those in search of a unique and distinctive design

The ZET collection offers different finishes to choose from: glossy white combined with pereira maple or slate. These options make it possible to customise the furnishings to suit individual tastes and the style of every home.

The ZET furniture collection falls under the storing category, thus offering versatile solutions for the hall of any home. These pieces of furniture can be combined with the furnishings in the CORO collection, thus creating continuity of style and design that will characterise every home.

This collection can be used to create a hall packed with personality. The Zed-shaped line, the elegant finish and the ample storage space provided make these furnishings both functional and charming. The ZET collection perfectly adapts to various needs and different interior décor styles.

Zet Collection - Web Furniture

Products from the ZET collection

  • Zet Collection - Web Furniture

    ZET shoe rack with 3 hinged doors and 1 flap door

  • Zet Collection - Web Furniture

    ZET shoe rack with 2 hinged doors and 1 flap door



Top quality, beyond the product

Zet Collection - Web Furniture

Customised labels

Our job is to make yours easier. We effortlessly adapt to your particular labelling needs.

Zet Collection - Web Furniture

Cross-docking supplies

We are organised to process multiple orders from our customers with mixed products and customised labelling.

Zet Collection - Web Furniture

Dropshipping supplies

We ship directly to your customer. Among the Italian furniture manufacturers, we specialise in providing this service.

Zet Collection - Web Furniture

After-sales service

Even after the purchase, we never leave the customer’s side. If necessary, we guarantee very fast shipment of spare parts.


Our certifications

To give systematicity to our efforts, we decided to undertake some certification paths.