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Sustainable furniture from supply to delivery

A commitment to the environment

Protecting our ecosystem is one of the values most dear to us. We believe that the world is not merely a mine of resources to be exploited, but a shared home, to be looked after day after day.

Human activities are undermining the integrity of the environment, and it is the duty of businesses, especially manufacturing concerns, to do everything they can to reverse or slow this drift.

We understand our responsibility as a company and want to contribute to a more sustainable present and future.

That’s why we manufacture recycled wood furniture, use sustainable packaging, and are committed to reducing energy waste and adopting more efficient processes by investing in sustainability.

A company with a green soul

Web Furniture is one of the leading manufacturers of wholesale furniture made in Italy for large-scale retail chains and some of the biggest international on-line shops. Every day, our products reach the most remote corners of Europe and the world, which is why we feel especially involved in global issues, first and foremost the ecological issue.

Indeed, we believe in respecting our environment, in reducing consumption and in the practical application of the circular economy, wherever this is possible.

4 “green” reasons to choose Web Furniture wholesale designer furniture


We are constantly engaged in finding new ways to make the production cycle more sustainable and reduce the environmental impact. We recover almost all our production waste and turn it into a new raw material.

We care deeply about the energy issue; we have embarked upon a path that has led us to replace the air conditioning system, thus reducing CO2 emissions, to relamping the production plants and to the installation of a photovoltaic system that will render us self-sufficient. What’s more, we are considering the idea of creating an energy community to share our energy with the local territory.


Our furniture is made with materials from responsibly-managed, FSC® certified forests and other controlled sources
(Web Funiture - License Code: FSC-C152783)


The kits we use for e-commerce product sales are designed to take up as little space as possible on the means of transport, thus reducing the number of journeys required and generating fewer CO2 emissions.
Today we can proudly state that our packaging is 100% green: zero polystyrene, only cardboard with the same efficiency and resistance as ever.

After a long and careful planning process, we have finally replaced all former polystyrene protections with cardboard elements whilst preserving the efficiency of our packaging. This way, in addition to our furniture being sustainable, even its packaging is “green” . This makes our products eco-friendly from production to delivery.


The special distribution options that we offer are also distinguished by a reduction in the use of means of transport and therefore result in lower emissions into the environment.

Both cross-docking and dropshipping minimise the amount of handling, shortening the logistics supply chain leading to shorter delivery times.

Designer furniture, devised to reduce the environmental impact

We are proud to offer products that combine unique Italian design and high-quality materials, without neglecting the environmental impact. Sustainability is at the heart of our choices, from the selection of raw materials to the adoption of production and delivery methods designed to use the least amount of resources possible.

Our furniture is made from recycled wood melamine-covered particle board. This differentiates us from other manufacturers, especially non-Italian ones, who use virgin wood-based particle boards, which as such entail the felling of trees.

Our focus on the environment and on saving resources also involves painstaking design, with the least possible waste of raw material throughout the entire processing process.

Sustainable furniture - Web Furniture


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Recycled wood furniture only

All the furniture conceived, designed and produced by Web Furniture uses recycled wood.
The melamine-covered particle board used to produce our ready-to-assemble furniture is a material with excellent quality characteristics, making it easy to process and solid. It is obtained from the re-use of wood discarded from other processing and/or recovered from end-of-life wood objects.

The reintroduction of wood-based waste into the furniture production chain (through collection, sorting and re-use to produce particle board panels) is an excellence of the Italian industry.

It is estimated that the entire Italian furniture supply chain recovers over 4 million tonnes of post-consumer wood per year, creating a virtuous circle that avoids cutting down more than 8 million trees per year.

Wood, a resource that comes back to life

Thanks to the association with recycling consortia, our raw material suppliers, who are all Italian, collect large quantities of wood-based waste from pallets, packaging, old furniture or from the furniture industry, to transform it, after careful selection, into new melamine-covered particle board panels, covering them with melamine papers in various finishes.

Subsequently, the panels are processed and transformed into furniture with the same identical quality and performance as furniture made of virgin wood particle board; lastly, the furniture is put back to market.

This system makes it possible to turn “wood” into a resource with an endless life cycle, since it can be re-used multiple times to produce more finished products. Its cycle can in fact last indefinitely, with ecological and economic benefits.

A new dimension of sustainable furniture: recreating by re-using

We are also particularly active in the virtuous recovery of processing waste. Almost all our residue (99.9%) is reintroduced into the production cycle to make – depending on the starting material – recycled particle board panels, cardboard or regenerated polystyrene for use in construction.

Most of the recycling we do is from waste wood. Instead of ending up in the landfill, the residue is collected by specialist consortia and returned to the particle board panel manufacturers.

In 2022, with our 1,628,000 kg of wood-based waste, mainly chips and sawdust, about 129,000 square metres of new panels were produced. These volumes would enable about 32,000 new items of furniture to be made.

I dati del 2022:

Abbiamo riciclato:


kg di legno


kg di plastica


kg di carta


kg misti

Abbiamo recuperato:


mq di pannelli di truciolare

Abbiamo realizzato:


mq di pannelli di truciolare

Certified sustainability

Every single melamine-covered particle board panel used by Web Furniture consists of material sourced from responsibly-managed FSC® certified forests and recycled materials.

How to get the FSC certificate

The Forest Stewardship Council® is an international non-governmental organisation that promotes environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically sustainable forest management throughout the world. To find out more, visit the website:
To maintain the FSC® brand, we must ensure and prove that all the wood that comes into our warehouses comes from a certified supply chain.

The packaging cardboard we use is also made from 100% recycled material and is in turn fully recyclable. Mandatory environmental labelling is applied to all packaging so that the end consumer is assisted in sorted waste collection, to ensure this is done as correctly as possible.

Made in Italy ECO

Such a careful and thorough manufacturing process, combined with the Italian exclusivity of our activities has allowed us to be granted the 100% Made in Italy Eco certification, which guarantees that design, planning, materials and production are entirely Italian and with the smallest possible environmental impact ensuring traceability.

Sustainable furniture - Web Furniture

The furniture must be made with natural high-quality materials, which are of first choice for the intended use and with traceability of their origin.

Sustainable furniture - Web Furniture

Production must take place in full compliance with the legal requirements for occupational safety and hygiene, using typical traditional techniques.

Sustainable furniture - Web Furniture

Synthetic chemicals may not be used, energy-intensive practices must be kept to a minimum and the natural resources of the various environments must be respected.