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Web Furniture’s collections

Web Furniture’s collections are projected to offer maximum comfort and functionality. Every piece is studied to satisfy everyday needs, guaranteeing practicality and ease of use.

All our products are high quality furniture pieces which will give the end customer’s houses a distinct and refined touch. You will find a vast assortment of furniture for every room, ideal to enable the end customer to acquire a custom-tailored solution.

Furniture solutions for every room

Web Furniture’s wide range includes 30 different collections to suit every taste and style of furniture. We have taken care of every detail of our collections, from inspiration to design, from material selection to handcrafted production to ensure you the highest quality, comfort and style. We will be happy to accompany you in the selection and purchase of our products, offering dedicated advice and after-sales service.


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Not only the supply of made-in-Italy furniture: special services

To our customers, we offer a very different range of logistics services designed to satisfy their needs for made-in-Italy furniture and to meet the needs of the market, even on minimum order quantities.

The level of service and costumer care we guarantee is one of our main pluses and a very relevant factor in retention.

Web Furniture collections - Web Furniture


We are organized to dropshipping our furniture. In addition to having a high stock of products always in stock, ready to be shipped, we provide the service of custom labeling with the ability to enter any data including the address of the final recipient. Dropshipping can include reinforced packaging upon request, which provides additional external protection of the packaging.

Web Furniture collections - Web Furniture
Web Furniture collections - Web Furniture

Cross Docking

We are organized to fulfill multiple orders from our customers with mixed products and custom labeling, ready to be shipped quickly from their stocks without additional warehousing. This is a great way to distribute our furniture kits while saving on logistics costs.

Web Furniture collections - Web Furniture
Web Furniture collections - Web Furniture

After-sales support and spare parts

In after-sales support, each request for one or more product components is processed within a maximum of 12 working days, and The customer can find the relevant codes for placing the replacement order on the assembly instructions.

Web Furniture collections - Web Furniture


Our certifications

To give systematicity to our efforts, we decided to undertake some certification paths.