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Web Furniture

Supply of furniture made in Italy for e-commerce and large-scale retail chains


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Designer storage solutions to solve your space issues with style.


Italian taste combined with originality, to make the living room play the starring role in your home.


Furniture that adorns the kitchen, dining room or living room with character


Products for the modern office and working from home, combining style with functionality
Homepage - Web Furniture
Homepage - Web Furniture


The best suppliers for “green” e-commerce

Energy saving, the recycling economy and process sustainability are among our priority objectives.

We manage efficient logistics with the primary aim of reducing road transport and thus contributing to the reduction of emissions. During the manufacturing process, we aim for energy efficiency, with a view to reducing waste and unnecessary consumption.

Our furniture is made with materials from responsibly-managed, FSC® certified forests and other controlled sources.

Like all furniture manufacturers, we generate processing waste. Instead of sending it to the landfill, we reintroduce it into the recycling supply chain. In 2022, we regenerated waste for a total of 130,000 square metres of particle board panels, corresponding to 32,000 new items of furniture!


Why choose Web Furniture?

Homepage - Web Furniture Design and production made in Italy
Homepage - Web Furniture Strong experience in web channels and large-scale retail chains
Homepage - Web Furniture Quick delivery and efficient logistics
Homepage - Web Furniture Customisable services
Homepage - Web Furniture Flawless kits with instructions in 12 languages

Homepage - Web Furniture


Quality and sustainability guaranteed

We are not content with good intentions. Our focus on quality and respect for the environment are concrete, as confirmed by thorough third parties.

Homepage - Web Furniture


Do you sell ready-to-assemble furniture? Let's work together!


Top quality, beyond the product

Homepage - Web Furniture

Customised labels

Our job is to make yours easier. We effortlessly adapt to your particular labelling needs.

Homepage - Web Furniture

Cross-docking supplies

We are organised to process multiple orders from our customers with mixed products and customised labelling.

Homepage - Web Furniture

Dropshipping supplies

We ship directly to your customer. Among the Italian furniture manufacturers, we specialise in providing this service.

Homepage - Web Furniture

After-sales service

Even after the purchase, we never leave the customer’s side. If necessary, we guarantee very fast shipment of spare parts.

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