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BOLOGNA Collection

The BOLOGNA collection is ideal for minimal and refined settings

The BOLOGNA collection for the dining area consists of a modern and elegant table capable of giving its surroundings an elegant and concurrently minimal look.

Its solid and refined structure can comfortably accommodate up to 6 people. Its original design truly makes it a unique item of furniture.


Distinguishing features of the BOLOGNA collection

Bologna Collection - Web Furniture
  • Elegance and modernity
  • Rectangular and solid structure
  • Split legs connected by two metal rods per leg for an original design
  • Glossy white finish
  • 25 mm thick

A modern and elegant table for a minimal space

The BOLOGNA collection comprises an elegant and modern table capable of adding a touch of minimalism and sophistication to its intended surroundings.

With its rectangular and solid structure, it delivers greater durability and stability too. The design stands out for the choice of split legs which are connected by a metal rod.

The choice of glossy white finish also makes it possible to add a touch of light to its intended setting.

The BOLOGNA table, thanks to its 25 mm thickness, proves to be a solid table designed to accommodate up to 6 people. Ideal for both the dining room and the kitchen.

A sophisticated dining solution with clean-cut styling, which adapts to any type of interior décor to accommodate friends and family in a unique way.

Unique design for the dining area

Styling and functionality come together in the BOLOGNA collection in a table designed comfortably to accommodate a whole family. Made entirely in Italy with a design that is meticulous down to the smallest detail, where practicality is combined with the utmost comfort.

BOLOGNA is a key piece of furniture for those who want a modern, but at the same time minimal dining area, capable of fostering moments of sociability and joy.

With its simple and understated style, the table in this collection is distinguished by its glossy white colour, which makes it a versatile addition to any interiors and therefore adaptable to a variety of furnishing styles.

The rectangular table top, which has also been meticulously crafted, is finished in melamine and has a surface of 160 cm. Its double base ensures stability.

Products from the BOLOGNA collection

  • Bologna Collection - Web Furniture

    BOLOGNA 160 cm table



Top quality, beyond the product

Bologna Collection - Web Furniture

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Our job is to make yours easier. We effortlessly adapt to your particular labelling needs.

Bologna Collection - Web Furniture

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We are organised to process multiple orders from our customers with mixed products and customised labelling.

Bologna Collection - Web Furniture

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Bologna Collection - Web Furniture

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Our certifications

To give systematicity to our efforts, we decided to undertake some certification paths.

Web Furniture is available to supply FSC certified products upon request