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BURRATA Collection

The BURRATA collection is the essence of excellence Made in Italy

Inspired by the typical Italian food of the same name, the BURRATA collection features modern furnishings with a minimal and understated design.

The items of furniture in this collection offer functional and versatile solutions, designed to meet the needs of individual customers. This collection can be used to create a living room in pure Made-in-Italy style.


Distinguishing features of the BURRATA collection

Burrata Collection - Web Furniture
  • Linearity
  • Different sizes to meet individual requirements
  • Modern style with minimal design
  • Finiture:
    • Glossy white
    • Report
Burrata Collection - Web Furniture

A linear and functional item of furniture

Customers are very important to Web Furniture, so much so that our BURRATA collection is dedicated to one of them, who really appreciates this typical Italian food.

This item of furniture is distinguished by linearity and elegance. Choosing a TV stand from this collection means opting for not only a piece of furniture that stands out in the living room but also an impeccably styled, functional solution.

Functionality is also reflected in the choice of different sizes to suit the particular requirements of the available space.

Clean-cut and simple silhouettes distinguish the BURRATA collection. This gives its surroundings a sense of order and harmony. The above-mentioned TV stand is a solid and stable piece of furniture for any type of electronic device. It is also designed to prevent tiresome wires and cables normally attached to a TV from remaining in view and compromising the harmonious appearance of the composition.

The collection therefore proves extremely versatile and adaptable to a variety of interior design styles.

The collection that accommodates various needs

The modern style and minimal design of the BURRATA collection give the intended setting a functional and stylish look.

Its versatility allows the various furnishings to fit into any setting, adapting to the available space. Indeed, the TV stand is available in two sizes, to suit various requirements.

The finishes, available in glossy white and report, succeed in adding a touch of elegance to the entire furnishings.

Sideboards, cupboards and display units chosen from our other collections can complete the interiors of any living room, putting together a modern yet far from cold ambiance.

Burrata Collection - Web Furniture

Products from the BURRATA collection

  • Burrata Collection - Web Furniture

    BURRATA 130 cm TV stand with 1 open compartment + 1 flap door

  • Burrata Collection - Web Furniture

    BURRATA 200 cm TV stand with 2 open compartments + 1 flap door



Top quality, beyond the product

Burrata Collection - Web Furniture

Customised labels

Our job is to make yours easier. We effortlessly adapt to your particular labelling needs.

Burrata Collection - Web Furniture

Cross-docking supplies

We are organised to process multiple orders from our customers with mixed products and customised labelling.

Burrata Collection - Web Furniture

Dropshipping supplies

We ship directly to your customer. Among the Italian furniture manufacturers, we specialise in providing this service.

Burrata Collection - Web Furniture

After-sales service

Even after the purchase, we never leave the customer’s side. If necessary, we guarantee very fast shipment of spare parts.


Our certifications

To give systematicity to our efforts, we decided to undertake some certification paths.

Web Furniture is available to supply FSC certified products upon request