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LITTLE BIG Collection

LITTLE BIG collection – an understated coffee table to furnish the living room

The LITTLE BIG collection offers a convenient and understated coffee table to furnish the living room with elegance and functionality.

The fact that LED lights can be included in the lower shelf or not makes this coffee table a design object that combines practicality with styling.


Distinguishing features of the LITTLE BIG collection

Little Big Collection - Web Furniture
  • Convenient and understated
  • Modern design
  • Rectangular structure
  • Large selection of finishes: glossy white, report, matte anthracite and pereira maple
  • LED light in the lower shelf

A little yet big coffee table

The LITTLE BIG collection includes a coffee table capable of combining compact size with functionality, just as its name suggests. The coffee table is a stylish addition to any interior, delivering style and practicality.

The modern design of LITTLE BIG stands out with its rectangular structure, which gives it that distinctive clean-cut, contemporary look. It is specifically the glossy white finish which adds a touch of elegance to its intended surroundings.

Despite its compact size, it is perfect for storing coffee cups, magazines and decorative ornaments. We recommend its use in settings intended for memorable moments of relaxation.

By choosing this piece of furniture, styling can come together with functionality in a way that is totally in harmony with the surroundings.

LED light kit to combine design with practicality

The coffee table in the LITTLE BIG collection constitutes an elegant and functional piece to add to the living room interiors, perhaps placed in the centre among a suite of sofas.

Its design is distinguished by the glossy surfaces that give an extra touch of elegance to the living room. A unique characteristic of this coffee table is the possibility of choosing the variant with AA battery powered RGB LED lighting. This detail will transform LITTLE BIG into a prized design object that will imbue the living room with a unique atmosphere.

In all its finishes, this piece of furniture is produced with a solid 25 mm thick melamine top. It is also extremely easy to clean and maintain.

The collection boasts this coffee table which is set to become the focus point of the living room thanks to its distinctive style.

Products from the LITTLE BIG collection

  • Little Big Collection - Web Furniture

    LITTLE BIG coffee table

  • Little Big Collection - Web Furniture

    LITTLE BIG coffee table with LED light



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Little Big Collection - Web Furniture

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Little Big Collection - Web Furniture

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Little Big Collection - Web Furniture

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Little Big Collection - Web Furniture

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