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DALIA Collection

The DALIA collection – functionality and practicality

The DALIA collection features a clean-cut design, straight and simple silhouettes to provide space-saving solutions.

The desks in this collection are designed to be practical and to blend in with any setting, be it a study or an office. Its name derives from the namesake flower, a symbol of elegance, simplicity and genuineness, just like the collection.


Distinguishing features of the DALIA collection

Dalia Collection - Web Furniture
  • Suitable for a home study
  • The desks are suitable for more compact rooms
  • The desks fold away effortlessly
  • It matches the CALLI bookcase to perfection
Dalia Collection - Web Furniture

A collection suitable for optimising space

The DALIA collection comprises space-saving desks with a simple and understated yet extremely functional style. The strong point of this collection is the practicality of each piece, thanks to the concealed fold-down top, designed to optimise the available space.

The DALIA desks can be folded open when needed and have three shelves to provide enough space to organise documents, books and tech devices. This furnishing is a refined solution for the workplace or a study setting.

The DALIA collection adapts to various interior décor styles thanks to its simplicity and its ability to blend in seamlessly with various contexts. Its functionality and the ability to fold away the desktop make it ideal for confined, space-restricted settings or for those who want to maximise space usage.

With the DALIA collection, a functional and elegant place to work or study can be created, thanks to its understated yet smart design.

A versatile collection that oozes style and elegance

The space-saving desks are distinguished by their practicality and concealed fold-down top, making them a versatile piece of furniture that is convenient to use as a desk with multiple shelves.

The distinctive feature of DALIA is its ability to fold away, allowing it to save space when not in use. This characteristic makes it the ideal choice to create a convenient work corner in any home.

The glossy white finish gives the DALIA desks a modern and bright appearance that suits an extensive range of furnishing tastes. This collection can be combined with the CALLI bookcase to give rise to a consistent and functional setting.

The furniture in the DALIA collection can be used to create an organised and efficient workspace, without compromising on the style and elegance of the intended surroundings.

Products from the DALIA collection

  • Dalia Collection - Web Furniture

    DALIA 3 -Drawer Mobile File Cabinet

  • Dalia Collection - Web Furniture

    DALIA desk

  • Dalia Collection - Web Furniture

    DALIA corner desk



Top quality, beyond the product

Dalia Collection - Web Furniture

Customised labels

Our job is to make yours easier. We effortlessly adapt to your particular labelling needs.

Dalia Collection - Web Furniture

Cross-docking supplies

We are organised to process multiple orders from our customers with mixed products and customised labelling.

Dalia Collection - Web Furniture

Dropshipping supplies

We ship directly to your customer. Among the Italian furniture manufacturers, we specialise in providing this service.

Dalia Collection - Web Furniture

After-sales service

Even after the purchase, we never leave the customer’s side. If necessary, we guarantee very fast shipment of spare parts.


Our certifications

To give systematicity to our efforts, we decided to undertake some certification paths.

Web Furniture is available to supply FSC certified products upon request