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DAIQUIRI Collection

The DAIQUIRI collection – a modern and original design

The DAIQUIRI collection stands out for its strong modern vibe which can lend the living room an original atmosphere, yet which fully reflects the origin of the name. In fact, just like the famous cocktail, these items of furniture prove solid, full-bodied and original.


Distinguishing features of the DAIQUIRI collection

Daiquiri Collection - Web Furniture
  • Solid and rectangular structures
  • Composition solutions or individual elements
  • Combined finishes
  • Colours:
    • Glossy white
    • Glossy anthracite
    • Slate/pereira maple
Daiquiri Collection - Web Furniture

Choose a modern and original design

The DAIQUIRI collection is an elegant fusion of inspirations with solid and rectangular shapes, distinguished by a modern and original design. Each piece of furniture is designed to bring out the essence of its name: the famous daiquiri cocktail, both sweet and bitter, but at the same time – just like the collection – compact, solid and original.

The structures of these furnishings feature rectangular and crisp, clear-cut silhouettes, giving each piece of furniture a clean and contemporary look, thanks also to the large storage surface which is perfect for displaying ornaments or to support even the largest TV sets.

DAIQUIRI offers versatile solutions to meet all possible needs. With its wide array of elements, from the TV stand to the display cabinets, this collection will allow the living room to be furnished in an original way, and beyond. Even if just a single piece from this collection is chosen, this will enable the limelight to be cast on the designated corner of the room.

Solid and versatile interiors

The DAIQUIRI collection is perfect for those who want a living room with a modern and original design. Thanks to its solid and rectangular shapes, the space created will feature furnishings which are versatile and durable, comprising original details that make them unique even to the untrained eye.

Thanks to its rectangular style, the structure of each item of furniture can offer a solid base with generously sized storage surfaces. DAIQUIRI can be chosen to create complete and comprehensive living room compositions, but also individual elements, such as the TV stand or vertical sideboards, to accommodate all needs.

The colours available for the individual collection components include: lacquered white, concrete, anthracite and slate/pereira maple; the finishes can be combined to give rise to interiors which fully express the personal taste of every individual.

Daiquiri Collection - Web Furniture

Products from the DAIQUIRI collection

  • Daiquiri Collection - Web Furniture

    DAIQUIRI living room set with TV stand and 2 display cabinets

  • Daiquiri Collection - Web Furniture

    DAIQUIRI 155 cm TV stand with 1 hinged door + 1 flap door

  • Daiquiri Collection - Web Furniture

    DAIQUIRI 200 cm TV stand with 2 hinged doors + 1 flap door



Top quality, beyond the product

Daiquiri Collection - Web Furniture

Customised labels

Our job is to make yours easier. We effortlessly adapt to your particular labelling needs.

Daiquiri Collection - Web Furniture

Cross-docking supplies

We are organised to process multiple orders from our customers with mixed products and customised labelling.

Daiquiri Collection - Web Furniture

Dropshipping supplies

We ship directly to your customer. Among the Italian furniture manufacturers, we specialise in providing this service.

Daiquiri Collection - Web Furniture

After-sales service

Even after the purchase, we never leave the customer’s side. If necessary, we guarantee very fast shipment of spare parts.


Our certifications

To give systematicity to our efforts, we decided to undertake some certification paths.

Web Furniture is available to supply FSC certified products upon request