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Designer desks: solutions for any setting

Designer desks: solutions for any setting - Web Furniture

Find out why designer desks are capable of accommodating the needs of modern customers and offer a clear advantage in the furniture industry.

If you’re a buyer, a retailer or you own a business in the furniture industry, don’t miss out on the opportunities that designer desks can offer.

These modern pieces of furniture are an exciting way to supplement your catalogue and offer products designed to combine modern design with practical and functional solutions, which are versatile first and foremost.

Today, we would like to introduce you to the world of modern designer desks, browsing the various models, the characteristics and the practical advantages they can offer the market.

Read on to find out how these modern solutions can make a difference to your business and allow us to inspire you with our 100% Made in Italy product line-up.

Designer desk: the merger of styling and functionality

A designer desk is the ideal solution for any setting because it adapts easily to various spaces and styles, accommodating different tastes and needs.

That’s why it constitutes a convenient choice for buyers and retailers in the industry.

Owing to their versatility, designer desks are the modern solution for those looking for a convenient and tidy working environment, even when the amount of available space is limited.

In our modern era, where working from home is ever-expanding, an increasing number of consumers need their own workspace at home, obviously one that is as convenient and ergonomic as possible.

What makes modern designer desks such a popular solution in the industry is their ability to accommodate the main requirement of modern consumers: to have furniture that simultaneously meets different needs.

In a world where space is increasingly limited, people are looking for solutions that allow them to optimise the use of a setting without compromising on comfort and functionality.

Designer desks offer a concrete solution to this requirement, combining styling with practicality.

They are designed to optimise space, improve the use of the setting as well as enhance study or work time efficiency.

The furniture industry, especially the ready-to-assemble furniture industry, is increasingly moving in this direction, with the goal of giving consumers exactly what they expect to find.

What are the characteristics of designer desks?

Contrary to what one might think, the strength of designer desks lies in their functionality.

By combining practicality and innovative design, these modern desks are capable of furnishing simply yet elegantly.

With their efficient characteristics, modern desks constitute an ideal solution for those looking to improve their organisation by creating an inspiring workplace; this is exactly why they should be a must-have in your e-commerce or furniture store.

Integrated compartments, storage compartments and adjustable or sliding worktops are just some of the characteristics of modern designer desks, designed to organise space efficiently and improve productivity.

Another advantage of designer desks is certainly their versatility: they can easily be used in other settings, such as living rooms, small bedrooms and multi-functional rooms.

Their contemporary and eye-catching design will add a touch of style to the practicality of their surroundings.

The search for functional solutions for small places to study or work can go beyond the desk itself.

A hot desking setting can be completed with other space-saving furniture, such as a modern wall unit or a set of glass shelves from the Maruska  collection to create small alternative bookcases.

What are the advantages of ready-to-assemble designer desks?

Kit designer desks are a very attractive solution for buyers and retailers.

These products are an ideal choice for those looking for practicality and versatility; the kit structure offers some additional advantages such as easy transport and assembly.

Thanks to their modular structure and compact size, the packaging becomes easy and convenient to ship. This saves space during transport and also simplifies logistics for retailers.

In addition, the assembly of ready-to-assemble designer desks is quick and user-friendly, without the need for special tools, and this helps the end customer.

These desks also offer ample customisation possibilities, allowing retailers to accommodate more needs. Various materials, finishes and sizes can be selected to create a unique and customised product.

This distinctive aspect adds a touch of exclusivity and differentiation to the retailer’s catalogue.

Ready-to-assemble designer desks offer numerous advantages for both buyers and retailers, meeting the needs for practicality, ease of transport and customisation.

You could easily address the need for a complete hot desking setting by offering a variety of finishes, models and styles, for instance.

Essentially, you wouldn’t want to miss out on any sales opportunities, would you?

Why choose Italian designer desks?

Italian designer desks are a unique choice to offer unparalleled added value.

In addition to being modern, convenient and functional, the Italian origin lends them a higher perception of quality.

The Italian brand, which is internationally renowned, guarantees an authentic design and  impeccable workmanship, using quality materials that guarantee durability, resistance to wear and ease of maintenance.

In addition, Italian designer desks meet the needs of modern consumers who have in recent years changed, or rather, evolved.

They are proving to pay greater attention to the quality and sustainability of their purchases.

Thanks to their Italian quality and style, designer desks Made in Italy are an ideal option for buyers in the furniture industry who want to offer their customers valuable but affordable products.

The Made in Italy brand provides additional prestige, making them more attractive on the market.

The versatility of finishes and sizes, such as those of our ESSE model, allows buyers to meet their customers’ different needs, offer flexible products and set themselves apart from the competition.

If you’d like to find out more about the value of Made in Italy in the furniture industry, this article might help.

Designer desks: solutions for any setting - Web Furniture

Esse: the modern and elegant designer desk

The ESSE designer desk is one of our best-sellers, a solution that furnishes even the smallest of spaces in a functional and original way.

As its name suggests, this desk is distinguished by the absence of drawers, which have been replaced by a stylish and practical detail that does not go unnoticed: its S-shaped leg.

Owing to its particular shape, the leg creates two convenient shelves to accommodate all sorts of documents and objects.

With its innovative design, which is completely Made in Italy, ESSE allows users to work in a convenient and practical way, also offering a corner solution that succeeds in optimising the space in the room to the maximum.

The possibility of choosing the most suitable size and preferred finish, between modern report, shades of wood or the simplicity of white, makes this collection suitable for multiple styles and requirements.

Over time, ESSE has become the perfect hot desking solution to help our customers expand their product range and respond efficiently to market demands.

We have no choice now but to present its sibling, the VOLTA desk. This modern desk has a convenient swivel top, comprising the same S-shaped leg itself, with the distinction of adapting the length and angle to suit individual needs. An even more flexible and versatile solution.

How to choose a corner designer desk?

The corner designer desk is an alternative choice for retailers in the furniture industry.

Practical, convenient and adaptable to any setting, corner desks offer numerous advantages for buyers in the industry and consumers alike.

Thanks to their shape, they make the most of the available space in their intended setting, which makes them perfect for the corners of a room, which are often unused.

Consumers choose corner desks because they make it possible to create a functional and organised work space, guaranteeing a comfortable and productive work environment.

The corner shape provides more work space, making it easy to place computers, objects and other accessories on it, as well as to cover an empty space in the room with style.

What’s more, corner desks offer a versatile design to suit a variety of interior décor styles. Owing to their flexibility, corner desks offer a stylish and functional solution that meets the tastes and needs of today’s consumers.

Their unique shape adds a touch of originality and style, making their surroundings not only practical, but also eye-catching.

New Selina: the modern and spacious corner designer desk

With its simple and linear style, the NEW SELINA desk is the perfect example of a corner designer desk that suits any interior style.

With its 90° corner, this solution means the corners of the setting can be exploited to maximise the available space.

What makes it characteristic is that it is modern, spacious and comfortable.

The NEW SELINA desk has a solid and spacious top that provides plenty of room to work and/or study in total comfort.

This corner desk becomes even more practical thanks to the side drawer unit that allows all materials and documents to be organised and kept within easy reach.

Let’s also address its versatility, thanks to the possibility of choosing from various finishes, such as the simple and minimal glossy white, or the combination of glossy white with report or the more natural style of wotan oak.

If you want to offer customers a complete and even more functional workspace, you can also add the CALLI bookcase, our vertical bookcase with a singular disjointed design.

By choosing the same finish, or a different one to recreate a more unique setting, you will be able to devise an unrivalled solution for your e-commerce business or interior design store.

The new market trend: concealed designer desks

Concealed designer desks are another practical and smart solution to optimise study or work settings.

Innovatively designed, these desks can easily be folded and hidden away when not in use, freeing up space in the room.

They are ideal for multi-purpose settings, such as living rooms or small bedrooms requiring a functional work surface without sacrificing too much space.

Their versatility allows them to adapt to different needs, allowing for the creation of an ergonomic and clutter-free work environment.

Thanks to their opening and closing mechanism, users can switch from a tidy workspace to a free space in just a few moments.

This allows users to make the most of the available space and keep their study or work station neat and tidy.

As well as being convenient and functional, concealed desks have a simple and modern design.

Whether in a setting with a modern style, or one with a more classic style, concealed desks offer a clean-cut and understated design, capable of blending in with the most diverse surroundings.

One example is the DALIA desk, another hot desking solution which combines styling with practicality, without ever forgetting the style and quality of excellence Made in Italy.

Dalia: the space-saving fold-away desk

To let you know more about this type of desk we would like to introduce DALIA, a concealed designer desk, which is ideal for optimising space and improving the organisation of a desk space.

This type of modern desk is a very effective solution for those who want extra space. It is also useful for those who, despite a larger setting, prefer a tidy workstation to close up when study or work hours are over.

Dalia looks like a small wardrobe, with a modern, simple  and linear design.

Its main characteristic, which is typical of concealed desks, is the ability to create a convenient and functional work table.

In the DALIA desk, simply pull down the central door for a solid and sturdy flap top, where activities can be conveniently carried out, also with a small bookcase, thanks to the 3 internal compartments.

The flap door system is a practical and unobtrusive system that we often consider during the design phase, which features in several items of furniture, such as in SUNRISE.

Thanks to its technical and styling characteristics, Dalia can also be fitted in a living room or bedroom, either on a wall or in a corner, thus becoming a multi-functional piece of furniture with a modern design.

Sliding designer desk: hidden spaces and dual functionality

A hot desking setting can also be enhanced with another type of designer desk: the sliding desk.

This type of modern desk offers the flexibility to fit in small settings and optimise space, making it an ideal product for home-based workers and students who need a convenient and efficient space.

Thanks to their sliding mechanism, these modern desks make it possible to expand and reduce the work  surface as needed, offering the advantage of creating a customised and functional work environment.

An example of a sliding desk is our SLIDING desk which looks like a regular desk, retaining the minimal style and clean-cut design typical of modern desks.

While compact, Sliding offers ample filing space, thanks to its L-shaped sliding top that can be extended when needed to reveal the internal compartment ready to accommodate documents and objects.

This functional characteristic also has a styling value, thanks to the top that always stands out with a different finish.

The choice of this styling detail (which you can also find in other collections, such as CORO) is due to the opportunity to satisfy the different tastes of consumers who will be able to choose the perfect finish for their particular setting.

Which designer desk should you choose?

This article leads to just one question: do you want to choose a designer desk that is classic, corner, sliding or concealed?

According to various market researches in the furniture industry, consumers have a growing preference for desks that combine functionality, styling and versatility.

The reason is clear: these days, customers are looking for solutions that can improve home life and organisation, optimise space, and have an eye-catching design.

Desks also play a fundamental role, because in the era of working from home, it has become essential to recreate an ergonomic, efficient and functional desk at home.

Corner desks, in particular, are highly appreciated for their ability to optimise space and take advantage of the corners of the rooms, which are often empty.

Don’t forget that the modern need for space-saving and multi-purpose furniture stretches across the entire home.

That’s why concealed desks constitute a market trend. For this very reason, we have applied this functional aspect to other furniture proposals, such as the PRATIKA console  and the JESI table.

Why choose Web Furniture designer desks?

Web Furniture designer desks are devised with the needs of today’s consumers in mind and offer smart solutions to ensure an optimal study or work experience.

The attention to detail, typical of excellence Made in Italy, is reflected in the modern and innovative designs which combine styling with functionality and adapt to every setting.

Choosing Web Furniture desks also means choosing a reliable and professional partner in the furniture industry, with a consolidated experience in logistics flexibility and customer satisfaction (read testimonials)

If you’re looking for the best designer desk for your e-commerce business or interior design store, we believe that variety is the key to success. This is the only way to respond easily to customer requests, which are, of course, ever different and constantly evolving.

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