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Furniture Made in Italy combining value, styles and trends

Furniture Made in Italy combining value, styles and trends - Web Furniture

Furniture Made in Italy constitutes excellence in quality, design and durability. Discover the advantages and trends of Italian design furniture in 2023.

Made in Italy is a brand that is recognised the world over and Italian products are increasingly in demand. In the furniture industry too, Italian design furniture is highly appreciated for its originality, finishes, painstaking care and attention to detail.

In this Article we discuss the value of excellence Made in Italy in the furniture-design industry, reflecting on the advantages and opportunities it can represent for your business.

We also tell you about our experience at the Salone del Mobile 2023 as manufacturers and suppliers of 100% Italian ready-to-assemble furniture.

Read on to enter the world of furniture Made in Italy and discover possible on-trend styles for ‘23.

Furniture Made in Italy: immeasurable value

Furniture Made in Italy is gaining more and more reach and significance in the industry, with data and statistics confirming this trend.

According to an industry survey, 70% of consumers place a high value on Made in Italy when it comes to designer furniture and household furnishings.

In addition, the global market of furniture Made in Italy has experienced a steady growth in recent years. In 2022, Italian exports in the furniture industry exceeded €9 billion, confirming the appeal of Italian furniture in international markets.

Modern-day consumers are increasingly concerned about the quality and provenance of the products they purchase. In furniture, in particular, there is a growing awareness of the importance of choosing furniture made with sustainable and quality materials.

Let’s not also forget that consumers truly appreciate the intrinsic value of excellence Made in Italy. Italian furniture is often associated with a particular attention to detail, original design and impeccable craftsmanship that has been handed down for generations.

But choosing Italian designer furniture is also a way of supporting the Italian furniture industry and the local economy, when in Italy.

Why choose furniture Made in Italy?

Furniture Made in Italy offers a number of advantages that make this choice really appealing. One of the strengths is the quality craftsmanship that distinguishes Italian furniture.

The choice of quality materials and impeccable workmanship guarantee the durability and sturdiness of the furniture, offering customers reliable and long-lasting designer products.

Another advantage of furniture Made in Italy is its versatility. Thanks to the many combinations and finishes, customised solutions can be created to suit individual needs.

This flexibility translates to an extensive range of products to suit various settings and interior décor styles.

Choosing excellent quality Made in Italy is also a great investment for retailers. The Made in Italy brand is recognised as a symbol of quality, style and design, thus giving the products added value, drawing the attention of customers and differentiating the line-up on the market.

The combination of quality craftsmanship, versatility and prestige of the Made in Italy brand guarantees appealing and high quality products.

Indeed, furniture Made in Italy proves extremely popular both nationally and internationally, giving retailers in the furniture and design industry a great competitive edge.

100% Made in Italy: guaranteed quality Italian furniture

The 100% Made in Italy certification is an important acknowledgement for Italian products:
it guarantees the value, the origin and the quality production, which is exactly what our Italian furniture delivers.

Web Furniture’s furniture boasts the 100% Made in Italy certification, giving it the value it deserves, confirming our ongoing commitment and offering consumer safety.

It makes what is genuinely Made in Italy recognisable, compared to other labels that indicate only partial Italian or outright foreign production; it guarantees that the furniture is designed and made in Italy, produced with natural quality materials, implementing typical traditional processes, and last but not least, made in compliance with work, hygiene and safety standards.

This certification is issued by the Institute for the Protection of Italian Manufacturers, in accordance with the applicable current Italian legislation (article 16 of Italian Law no. 166 of 20th November 2009).
This body is responsible for strict and continuous controls to ensure the origin and value of Italian quality products, distinguishing them from other brands, which are often counterfeit.

At Web Furniture, we officially obtained the 100% Made in Italy certification for our kit furniture at the end of 2022. This acknowledgement constitutes an important achievement for us and a further testimony of our unwavering commitment to offering customers only furniture with Italian style and quality.

Furniture trends for 2023: news from the Salone del Mobile

As you already know, the Salone del Mobile is an event which, since as far back as 1961, has been a reference point for the world of design, a place to discover furniture trends and news.

Along with the Web Furniture team, we participated in the 2023 edition of this event with a keen and scrupulous eye, in search of inspiration and recurring styles.

Two days immersed in design to observe trends and pick up ideas; the ideal opportunity to forge relationships, strengthen partnerships and look to the future, as we love to do.

Below are the shared patterns that could shape the 2023 design trends:

  • Multi-sensory appeal: shapes hidden from view, details that engage multiple senses and diversify the tactile experience
  • Combinations of textures and different shapes: combinations of different silhouettes and finishes
  • Multi-functionality: space-saving solutions, such as drawer chests that can be extended and used as small desks
  • Round shapes: the 2023 trend of “all curves” is shifting towards round shapes and curved details
  • Pastel and dusty colours: on-trend colours prefer hues that recall the Earth and nature, conveying feelings of calm and relaxation, such as pale green, rust, beige, sepia and sand orange
  • Oriental styles: mosaics and warm colours that recall the Earth, nature and typical Oriental spices, for warm and alternative styles

Last but not least, this year’s trends include their fair share of sustainability: the eco-friendly trend is growing, also recalled by the various shades of green, with forest green proudly standing out.

Furniture Made in Italy combining value, styles and trends - Web Furniture

Discover the value of furniture Made in Italy with Web Furniture

Choosing furniture Made in Italy means embracing authenticity, quality and timeless elegance.
As we pointed out, Italian design furniture offers a number of unique advantages for retailers in the furniture industry and constitutes a symbol of excellence in craftsmanship and authentic design, which are also appreciated at the international level.

Our furnishings are designed with the aim of combining design with functionality. They follow an Italian and sustainable production process and are made with high-quality materials:
all these elements guarantee durability and lasting sturdiness (have a look at the products page)

Logistics is therefore quite simple thanks to their practicality, since ready-to-assemble furniture is easy to transport, assemble and disassemble. To find out more about our logistics solutions and the services we offer, read our dedicated article (link all’articolo sui servizi)

With Web Furniture as a reliable partner, you can offer your customers flexible services and ready-to-assemble furniture Made in Italy, which will meet their expectations and contribute to the success of your business.

Do you need a customized logistics service for your business?

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