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Furniture packaging and labelling

At Web Furniture, the packaging of furniture for large-scale retail chains and e-commerce and subsequent customised labelling are essential operations, from both a functional and a communicative perspective.

Both are designed to ensure fast warehousing and efficient transport while at the same time constituting what the consumer first perceives when the product is delivered to them.

Packaging and Labeling - Web Furniture

Compact, robust and flawless packaging

We are very enthusiastic about designing and making our furniture packaging: it must always be impeccably made, compact and manageable. This care not only delivers effective protection of the contents but it also makes transport, storage and delivery easier to manage.

What’s more, flawless packaging is an excellent calling card, which improves the end customer’s perception of both the quality of the product and the reliability of the seller.

All our packs are designed to withstand the accidental impact that can occur during transport. Purpose-designed protectors have been placed around the furniture inside the pack to prevent knocks.

We can add further protectors upon request, to reinforce the edges of the pack more carefully. This solution proves particularly popular with customers who choose to distribute products in dropshipping.

Everything applicable: info, brand, regulatory requirements

Furniture labelling is an important vehicle of information and needs to be flexible in order to fulfil various needs, as appropriate.

Web furniture ready-to-assemble furniture is labelled with an article code and a barcode, which identify the pack contents. In addition, both packs and pallets can feature additional information, depending on the customer’s requirements and shipping preferences.

For instance, they may contain information about the product, the end consumer’s destination address or other distinguishing marks that comply with specific regulations, such as those for export to certain countries.

I vantaggi di affidarsi a Web Furniture:

Customised furniture labelling

Our interior design products are made without a brand. If the customer so wishes, we can label products with their own brand, their own identification codes or any other customisation deemed necessary.

Shipping address labels

We can provide each product with a different destination address provided by the customer upon request. This solution is used above all for dropshipping distribution, i.e. directly from the manufacturer to the end user.

Furniture labelling for multiple orders

In the case of pallets containing different types of articles, such as those set up for cross-docking, each product contained within can be supplied with a ready-to-use label containing the final destination address, in order to facilitate sorting.

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