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Dropshipping supplies

Are you interested in selling Italian furniture in dropshipping? Web Furniture is the ideal supplier for your e-commerce business or for large-scale retail chains across Europe.

Dropshipping supplies - Web Furniture

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a logistics solution in the e-commerce world where sellers do not need to ship products from their warehouse, because they transfer the order directly to the manufacturer/supplier. This way, the seller can supply a wide range of products without having to invest in storage, handling, picking and shipping.

This business model also brings many benefits to the world of large-scale retail chains.

Dropshipping can be partial or total:

  • In partial dropshipping, it is the seller who arranges shipments from the supplier to the end consumer.
  • In total dropshipping, the supplier is also responsible for shipping the product to the end consumer.

Why rely on Web Furniture?

Our experience in furniture dropshipping is solid and established. Throughout the European market, in fact, we are among the leading manufacturers of furniture made in Italy to provide this specific service for e-commerce businesses.

Thanks to the scrupulous management of our warehouses, a large part of our product range is always available for immediate delivery; the shipment to you or to any of your customers throughout Europe is just one click away.

The advantages of relying on Web Furniture:


The utmost reliability, since we have been dealing with dropshipping supplies for many years;


A large assortment of products that are always in stock and is always replenished and shared with our customers every day;


Experts in the field: we are one of the leading manufacturers of ready-to-assemble furniture 100% made in Italy and among the few to deliver in dropshipping;


A wide range of certified quality kit furniture, offering high design value;


Easy assembly of every product, thanks also to clear instructions in 12 different languages;


Ultra-fast shipping: only 48 business hours across Europe.

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