PRATIKA extending console


The PRATIKA extending console is a piece of furniture suitable for the office or living room, designed to adapt to its surrounding space, especially if it is small. It is not only a practical item of furniture, but also modern and trendy.



The PRATIKA extending console table can be pulled out to up to 3 metres in length. It comes with 5 extensions of approximately 50 cm positioned on the cabinet structure. These extensions can be fastened 50 cm at a time.

In all its variants, the table is made of melamine.

The PRATIKA extending console is delivered with a practical assembly kit for easy installation.

Distinguishing features of the PRATIKA extending console:

PRATIKA extending console - Web Furniture Closed table dimensions: 51 x 90 x 77 cm (width, depth, height)

PRATIKA extending console - Web Furniture Maximum length of open table: 300 cm

PRATIKA extending console - Web Furniture Products deliver 100% quality Made in Italy

PRATIKA extending console - Web Furniture Wood particle board material

PRATIKA extending console - Web Furniture Concrete grey coloured melamine resin finish

PRATIKA extending console - Web Furniture Sliding metal runners for table extraction

PRATIKA extending console - Web Furniture 5 extensions that stow away inside the console

PRATIKA extending console - Web Furniture Supports for storage of auxiliary table extensions

PRATIKA extending console - Web Furniture Modern style with high quality workmanship

PRATIKA extending console - Web Furniture Easy to maintain surfaces

PRATIKA extending console - Web Furniture All our products can be delivered FSC® certified

Packaging and shipping

The PRATIKA extending console is shipped by Web Furniture in a carefully designed flat pack to ensure the product is transported safely. The pack contains clear instructions and all the hardware required for safe and simple assembly.

Packaging  1° packet
Size 115 x 36 x 21.5 cm
Weight 31 kg
Volume 0.089 mc
Packaging  2° packet
Size 108 x 57.5 x 12 cm
Weight 31.6 kg
Volume 0.074 mc

What is the delivery lead time for your goods? To Italy/Abroad?

80% of the goods in our catalogue are always in stock and this allows us to supply the goods very quickly.

For single orders in dropshipping mode, the goods are prepared and shipped within 48 hours of receipt of the order.

For single orders in cross-docking mode, delivery takes place on a weekly basis or a few times a month, depending on the circumstances and we endeavour to agree on a pre-established minimum order quantity by mutual agreement.

For orders in pallets or partial or full truckloads, delivery lead times are up to 5-6 weeks.

What should I do if the goods arrive damaged in my warehouse or at the end customer?

Our after-sales support service includes a very efficient spare parts service, free of charge or for a fee, depending on the contract and the agreed work method.
To place a spare parts order, just send an email to our customer service, quoting the Article number and the quantity of damaged parts, which you will find on the assembly instructions included in all our packs.
If you cannot find the assembly instructions, we can e-mail them to you.

What are Web Furniture’s payment terms?

We can provide you with a form of payment that is appropriate for various business needs and facilities.
We operate both through commercial information and credit insurance. After an initial approach to get to know each other (which may envisage advance payment), with the start of the working relationship and the acquisition of useful elements, a line of credit appropriate to the business size and purchase volumes will be issued, including the possibility of deferring payment, in an appropriate and agreed manner.

Do you make customised or bespoke furniture?

Our catalogue boasts around 450 items of furniture in kits divided into 4 macro areas:
Living, Storing, Dining and Desking to furnish the main settings of our partners’ customers.
For dealers who want to develop purpose-designed articles and who can guarantee specific pre-agreed order volumes, we are in a position to develop bespoke products:
we have all the necessary in-house expertise and industry know-how to be an expert partner for this type of project.

What logistics services does Web Furniture offer?

Our logistics services are highly flexible and customised:
we work in various logistical ways, depending on your organisation, needs and preferences.
We can

  1. ship full or partial truckloads
  2. use cross-docking, namely the pallet delivery of pre-labelled mixed articles, via a logistics platform or sorting warehouse
  3. ship products from our warehouse directly to your end customer's home, thanks to Dropshipping, which can be partial or total. In total dropshipping, we label the products individually with the delivery details of the end customer and arrange for our carriers to pick up within 48 hours of the order, which is then delivered directly to your customer; in partial dropshipping, we always apply product-specific labels, with their delivery details, and always follow your directions and those of the chosen carrier. We prepare for collection by the designated carriers, within 48 hours of the order, which is then delivered directly to your customer.

How does the ready-to-assemble furniture dropshipping process work?

Dropshipping is a business model that involves selling a product to an end user without it physically passing through the seller's warehouse. The order is sent to the supplier who ships the product directly to the end user. We can divide it into 3 steps:

    We send stock availability on a daily basis in a file containing the quantities available for each article and the next production date for every unavailable article
  2. ORDER
    Our customer sends us the order in the agreed manner, with any shipping labels to be affixed to the packs
    The goods are shipped within 48 hours of the order.

How do I know which products are available?

For customers who work in cross-docking or dropshipping mode, we make the availability of our articles transparent by sending an updated file daily - for every article in this file, there is an indication of how many pieces are available and the next production date for every unavailable article.
This allows you to adapt the availability on your e-commerce site and/or stay up-to-date when talking to your customers.

How are assembly issues handled?

If the end customer encounters problems in assembling our kit furniture, they can follow our assembly instructions to the letter, as these have been designed and developed to be user-friendly and straightforward, following clear and detailed pictograms.
We also provide after-sales support in order better to help you: tell us about your assembly issue and we will provide you with the necessary guidance to troubleshoot the problem as soon as possible.

How am I supported in selling your products?

Before we start working together at an operational level, we ask you to fill in a form to set things up properly.

In the initial onboarding stage, we clearly explain the different stages of the working relationship to you and write them down.
We'll put you in the hands of our business developer and once the working relationship is clear and has commenced, you'll be assigned to a dedicated account manager.

For the inclusion of products on your e-commerce site, we provide a very comprehensive excel or csv document with all our articles and their technical and descriptive data (article code, EAN, brief description, name of the collection, data concerning the quantity, weight, volume and dimensions of packs, dimensions of the assembled piece of furniture, finish, etc….)

You will also have our render images at your disposal, which depict the piece in different settings: in a suggested setting, cropped on a white background, open, with dimensions and details or Made in Italy certification logo.

A business review is held each quarter so we can discuss sales, successes, hurdles and improvements to be implemented. We want to be a genuine partner and help our customers grow.

Do you sell to private individuals?

Our market is focused on B2B: medium- and large-scale retail chains and e-commerce. We do not sell to private individuals nor individual items of furniture to companies, but only to dealers. We can upon request send a list of e-commerce dealers where you can buy our products in Italy or abroad.

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Why choose to rely on Web Furniture:

PRATIKA extending console - Web Furniture

Products deliver 100% quality Made in Italy

PRATIKA extending console - Web Furniture

Door-to-door delivery, cross-docking and delivery to customer warehouse

PRATIKA extending console - Web Furniture

Best-selling products that are always available

PRATIKA extending console - Web Furniture

Production and quick delivery of spare parts

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