Wide product range

We produce ready-to-assemble, perfectly engineered designer furniture.

Our commitment is to provide users with a distinctive style of furniture to enhance the pleasure of enjoying home and family life, all at the best value for money.

To meet the needs of our customers and to adapt to the rules of the most modern, innovative, and effective furniture distribution channel (the WEB), our products are shipped in carefully designed flat boxes. Of course, they come with assembly instructions, drawings, and intuitive explanations to allow for an easy assembly and to facilitate the ordering of spare parts when needed.

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Logistics solutions

Door to door delivery:

Using the most effective and competitive delivery networks, we can take care of shipping our products directly to the customer’s home. This way, our e-commerce partners can quickly develop their sales potential without further investments.

Crossdocking delivery:

We can prepare multiple orders in pre-labeled boxes on pallets. The delivery process and order preparation will be easy and cost-effective.

Fast delivery

Because we fully understand that one of the most effective sales tools for our web customers is fast shipping, our bestsellers are always in stock. This is an extraordinary weapon to improve sales without investing in financing and managing inventory and warehouse.

After sales service

Our spare parts are produced and delivered quickly to optimally respond to our customer’s requests.

Customer satisfaction is our top priorirty. We meet all the legal or contractual warranty requirements.